Let your teams hire their favorite freelancers.

Safely and hassle free.

Polymaze simplifies the way your company engages and pays freelancers. We help your in-house teams get to work safely with their favorite collaborators, hassle free, with no delays at onboarding and no delays at payment.


All your freelance ops in one place

Polymaze provides seamless transparency and coordination between finance, HR/legal and editorial teams so that your project managers can commission work from freelancers within seconds, while ensuring that the necessary paperwork, compliance and approval process requirements have been taken care of.


Hire and pay freelancers on the go

The Polymaze QuickPay iPhone app provides you and your teams with all the Polymaze essentials on the go.

The app lets your team quickly invite freelancers to assignments and send them payments from your iPhone. On the app freelancers can easily enroll, and accept and request quick payments from your team.