The easy and safe way to engage and pay freelancers.

The freelancer payments app for businesses. 


Pay freelancers in three easy steps.

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Setup your team

Set up your account and upload your company and team specific contracts.

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Hire, with one click

 Invite your freelancer to the platform and confirm contract terms.

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Get them paid quickly

Approve invoices and pay contractors on platform.

Polymaze helps your organization work with skilled professionals from the gig economy.

Polymaze simplifies the way your company engages and pays freelancers. We help your in-house teams get to work safely with their collaborators, hassle free, with no delays at onboarding and no delays at payment. 


Hire. It is safe.

We're quick to onboard and lightning fast to pay. We coordinate with your finance, HR and legal operations so your teams can quickly hire, with peace of mind.


Manage. It's easy.

All your freelancers, projects and payments in one place. Easily set budgets and approval flows, and monitor spend. Pay your freelancers on time and seamlessly grow your network of trusted contributors over time. 


Pay. On the go.

Our QuickPay iPhone app gives your team all the Polymaze essentials, on the go: quickly invite freelancers

to assignments and send them payments.

On the app your freelancers can easily enroll, accept and request quick payments from your team from their iPhone.



What makes Polymaze so great for managing freelancers?



We keep your HR and finance folks happy

Seamless transparency and coordination between editorial, HR, finance and legal teams so that your project managers can commission work from freelancers within seconds, while ensuring that the necessary paperwork and compliance requirements are automatically taken care of.

  • All your HR and legal requirements completed at sign up by every new freelancer and vendor.

  • Set budgets and monitor spend in real time. 

  • Easily set up custom approval flows to ensure your teams can quickly receive and approve invoices from your freelancers.

  • Track all your freelancers, documents and hiring history in one place. Keep the right people informed without passing around spreadsheets.



We make your freelancers smile

Make it easy for your freelancers to work with you:

  • Pay them on time and with ease.
  • Takes new freelancers less than 5 mins to get setup, all electronically in one go.
  • Let them easily track assignment and payment status online, don't have to waste time chasing invoices and updates from others.


We empower your in-house teams

Polymaze lets you easily build, share and manage your own network of trusted contributors, all ready to work with a click of a button.

  • Share your freelancer reviews with your teams.
  • Share your budget with your colleagues, transfer funds to other teams and projects, pay your freelancers. 

Work together.

Polymaze seamlessly coordinates all of your in-house functions in one place.

  • Centralized database of freelancers, assignments, contracts, invoices and payments
  • Compliance protection ensuring all legal and corporate policies are satisfied
  • Institutionalized knowledge by centralizing disjunct offline freelancer networks into a shared repository of trusted professionals
  • Quick and easy payments

What others say about us.


"Polymaze lets my team work faster and more independently. On the platform, in-house producers can access our network of trusted contributors across the country, view the history of past projects, and manage their allocated freelancer budgets, real-time. It saves hours of admin time and helps them make faster and more inform creative and budgetary decisions."

STEVE BENANAV - VP, Content Partnerships, UCN


Working in a fast-paced news video production environment, you don't need distractions. Polymaze makes it easy to get in freelancers, get their paperwork signed, manage their projects, and get them paid all in the one interface. 

Once set up it takes all the friction out of hiring freelancers.

DAN ILIC - Executive Producer Satire, Fusion Media Network


Pricing Plans

We grow with your needs.

Your team operates in an ever-changing dynamic environment. Our goal is to help you remain flexible. This is why we offer you two plans.


One team, one budget

All the Polymaze functionality, only limited to one single team. For teams wanting to try out Polymaze for an unlimited period of time, with no strings attached

  • Custom enrollment docs
  • Custom approval flow
  • Budget limits
  • Shared database of freelancers, documents and hiring history



Multiple teams and budgets

For teams and businesses ready to make Polymaze the hub of all their freelancer hiring activities. Take full advantage of our real-time budgeting, funding and cash transfer options across your company teams. 

All features from Free Plan plus:

  • Multiple team trees
  • Unlimited approval flows
  • Unlimited billing profiles
  • Cross-team funding


Learn more.

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